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Caricatures for any occasion

Goal One: Make children smile, laugh, and experience positive emotions.
Have you ever had a caricature done of yourself, or seen one of someone you know? Then you have most likely experienced the positive effects of the exaggerated image in front of you...That means it made you smile, laugh, and/or you experienced a sense of joy and wonder. 

Goal Two: Provide novel experiences that will fuel imagination and foster creative thinking.
Empirical evidence proves that merely having a new and unusual experience enhances one’s cognitive flexibility, which increases creative potential! Imagine if a photograph is the “norm”. A caricature challenges the mind to accept new possibilities and reevaluate the world.

Goal Three: Provide art instruction for all and extra support for children who show interest in caricatures.
Give a kid a caricature, and he or she will laugh for a day. Teach a kid how to draw caricatures, and he or she will provide others with laughter, learn some new skills, increase his/her creativity, and potentially earn a little extra income in the future; that is what I always say. Not really, but it makes sense! Art education has been proven to have positive results on cognitive skills, therapeutic value, and other valuable outcomes, like improved creativity.

Goal Four: Create an international community online and through newsletters.
Creating an international community would contribute to sustainable programming, provide a form of cultural exchange, and provide continued mentoring and inspiration for the children with whom we work. Additionally, kids could potentially share their artwork with other programs around the world.

EPIC Smiles is a non profit effort I'm working on building in hopes of changing the lives of children around the world through the art of caricature. I will do this by drawing caricatures of children in order to provide them with novel experiences and by providing art education in order to allow them future opportunities and a new skill. Below are the 4 goals of my project.

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EPIC Smiles